IT Security Services

ActNow provides Managed IT Security Services for the clients. Our IT Security Services experts examine the administrative, technical and physical security controls that a company uses to protect its computing environment. IT security services is important for every organization as the threats to IT is growing continuously, the crowd of IT security services, solution and technology is growing as well. Companies that are not into core IT is not able to manage IT security of the organization.  ActNow is here as a savior for your business.

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We provide Managed IT security services and managed network provider. Now, Businesses in every sector face complex threats like cyber attacks. With the digitalization of everything, the organization should be cautious about the cyber attacks. ActNow provides the IT security services that are required to secure the organization. The resulting report provides a solid base for designing and implementing cost-effective information security controls.  Our managed IT security services span the entire information security space.  ActNow offers Managed IT Security Services and Managed Network Provider services.  Our services also assist in detecting sophisticated security threats with comprehensive threat intelligence and monitoring. We also provide a vulnerability management tool to minimize the overall exposure to threats.

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To provide a SSAA, Act Now Security Services consultants perform the following tasks:

Act Now security consultants collect data and information from interviews, company documents, network diagrams, etc., to determine the organization’s approach to information security.

Security consultants analyze company data to identify the client’s critical assets, such as business-critical information, processes, networks and systems. Act Now’s experts analyze the network topology and configurations to identify weaknesses in design or implementation that may impact the security of the company’s network systems.

Act Now evaluates the organization’s administrative security controls, such as information security policies, standards and procedures, to determine shortfalls.

Managed IT Security Services
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Managed IT Security Services

Security consultants check the company’s facilities and physical access controls, as well as the overall environment, communications and infrastructure support mechanisms, to determine their effectiveness in protecting the company’s computing environment.

Act Now evaluates the company’s information security implementation and configuration management. The vulnerability assessment is conducted using automated tools as well as direct, hands-on proprietary techniques, where appropriate.

A controlled intrusion test proves that identified vulnerabilities can be exploited. Using common hacker techniques and a suite of commercial, proprietary and freeware tools, the assessment team tests the company’s Internet-external systems. Unlike traditional “penetration tests,” where actual damage to systems and data often occurs, Act Now’s “controlled intrusion” approach minimizes the likelihood of damage. Furthermore, our team quickly advises the client if it detects a critical vulnerability that could seriously impact the company’s corporate functions, so immediate remedial action can be taken.

Act Now helps clients understand where they are, where they need to be, and how to get there. The Information Security Road Map is a comprehensive listing of an organization’s information security vulnerabilities and recommended corrective actions. This enables the organization to develop a detailed work plan that allows the company to achieve its desired level of security.

• Objective, third-party assessment of the organization’s computing environment. This helps companies demonstrate due diligence and fiduciary responsibility.
• Identification and evaluation of an organization’s critical systems and networks.
• A true picture of vulnerabilities in those areas and the corresponding potential business impact should those vulnerabilities be exploited.
• An assessment of the effectiveness of an organization’s administrative, technical and physical security controls safeguarding assets against loss, unauthorized access and misappropriation.
• An enterprise-level view of the organization’s actual security risk posture.
• Heightened information security awareness at the management and user levels.
• Recommendations to reduce the vulnerabilities of the systems and to protect critical and sensitive systems and networks.
• A baseline security posture from which improvement initiatives can be measured over time.

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We utilize industry leading technologies and methodologies to provide high value services and solutions to small and medium sized organizations.