Server Management service

The most intimidating or stressful situation that an IT company can face is when you here “server is hacked”. Sometimes an IT company itself faces this issue and then Server management services come as a savior for them. Act Now provides Best Server Management service in Florida for your existing servers or full implementation of all the needed equipment and IT support services for a fixed monthly fee. Choose one of our existing service plans or have our IT engineers tailor a solution to meet your unique IT infrastructure and server management requirements.

24/7 Proactive Monitoring Service

We install a lightweight monitoring agent on all your servers. If an issue occurs, we will be alerted immediately and respond appropriately. This tool also allows us to gather usage and trending information on your servers so we can make proactive, educated recommendations when they are approaching capacity.

To keep you safe our systems automatically maintain security updates and any other necessary patches. We also provide an industry first with our “White List” service which will only release service updates following a 3-week minimum testing of patches or hot fixes within real-world systems by our technical staff.

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By running an agent on every server and desktop on your network, we can track all of your hardware and software in real-time. We can produce a report for you on a scheduled basis or at a moment’s notice if you need it.

Monitoring your network in this fashion means we can be alerted to exceptional circumstances and potential issues well before things go wrong. In practice, this means an alert is displayed to our Network Operations Center and Client Service Center as soon as an issue arises, which in turn lets us investigate, detect and repair things even before they have come to your attention.

ActNow offers three server management service that include critical monitoring and maintenance required regularly. All of our plans include 24/7 remote support in Florida. For servers that require additional management, unlimited on-site support is available.

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server management service

Key Benefits

IT Support Costs

Fixed IT support costs that are predictable and cost effective.

24×7 Monitoring

24/7 monitoring of all desktops and applications.

Live HelpDesk

24/7 ‘Live HelpDesk’, Phone, or On-Site IT Support

Automated updating

Automated updating of Software Patches, Email, Spyware & Virus Protection

Regularly scheduled

Regularly scheduled onsite maintenance and One point of contact for all your IT support needs

Real-time IT

Real-time IT Infrastructure Management, Security and Monitoring Tools